My full name is Namitha, though I commonly go by Nami.  I’m twenty-three years old, and I live in NJ.  Cosplay, sewing, and crafting are my hobbies and my passion.

My grandmother taught me how to sew when I was around seven years old, and I have been actively sewing since 2008 and I am primarily self taught.  I would not be where I am today without the help of the fashion teacher from my high school, Ms. Ware, who took the time out of her day to answer my questions about sewing even though I did not take her class until my senior year.

I sought more information about sewing once I got into cosplay.  In the quest to make my own costumes based off of the characters from media that I liked, I spent lots of time looking up various tutorials and learning how to use patterns.

Now, I am working on creating more challenging and elaborate projects.  I want to create intricate works that I will be proud of forever, unlike in the past where I have looked back on my work and cringed at unfinished seams, or sloppy pattern work.

I started this blog in order to keep myself organized and motivated as I work on projects, and I hope to also create a resource that others can easily use to create amazing pieces of their own.

❤ Nami