Katsucon 2018! Thoughts and feels~!

I think the main takeaway from this con, for me, is the phrase “the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray”. I’m probably slightly quoting that wrong, but the feeling remains. I had so many plans going into this convention – fitness goals, cosplay goals, not injuring myself goals – only to find quite a few of them ignored.

Interestingly enough, this didn’t result in a bad con experience for me. Actually, I had one of the best Katsucons that I have had in years! I am honestly still in awe about that – normally just one thing going wrong would be enough to ruin my day but my mental health has come leaps and bounds recently, resulting in the most overwhelmingly positive version of myself that I’ve ever experienced.

I’m going to start off with the not ideal bits of the weekend just to get them out of the way because honestly, they were super insignificant. Firstly, my physical fitness was NOT ideal. I wanted to exercise before the convention and get my flat tummy back but that didn’t happen at all – wholly due to my laziness. Second, I had to drop my most elaborate sewing project for the weekend – Genderbent Fancy Dr. Facilier designed by Sunset Dragon – because I knew I didn’t have the time or focus to make it as nice as I wanted to. This actually ended up being a positive because I know that making and wearing a poor facsimile of this project would have made me feel lacking. In the end, I’m actually rather proud of myself for having the presence of mind and self awareness to drop the project and to be okay with dropping the project. That alone is so much more progress than I expected.

Third, and most bad, was my clumsy self was pushed on Sunday morning and I got a hella cut on my face along with hitting my head. My bruised self had to go to the hospital and get my face glued back together. I’m used to my fair share of clumsy nonsense but my main annoyance this time is that security would not listen to my requests to not get an ambulance and now I have that bill. But all things considering, I don’t have a concussion, the face cut is healing nicely, and even though my smile is a bit lopsided now it’s slowly returning to normal. The scar is a bit deep but it kinda follows

But enough of that bad shit nonsense! On to the POSITIVE~! And here’s the thing, everything was so good I just gotta start chronologically.

Thursday night was BITCHIN. Full on, 80’s style, Stranger Things, sisters bonding, BITCHIN. First off, it was very warm, so my darling Faith, who was cosplaying the Eleven to my Kali, from Stranger Things Season 2, and I were able to wander around National Harbor with my buddy Darien who does awesome photography, to find the perfect location to shoot! We wandered and had a fab time, it was so much fun~ We got fab shots, and then headed back to the con to hang out. All in all, a fab first night.

The next day, I very slowly suited up as Ginger Ale and met up with my Kingsmen group for lunch. I didn’t know most of the people in the group personally but they were all super awesome, AND they quickly proved to be hilarious and fun to be around~ We did a fab shoot and goofed around and just had a lot of wonderful Kingsman feels~ I also made cosplans with them again and I’m so excited for that!

After the Kingsmen shoot, I ran back to the hotel to quickly change into my formal Symmetra outfit. Anjali Bhimani, Symmetra’s voice actress, was doing a signing on Friday night and I waited in line to meet her and give her one of the turret purses that I made. It was amazing seeing her again~ Anjali loved my sari AND she remembered me from SDCC. We took an adorable pic together and she loved the purse. SOBS I’M STILL SHOOK BY HOW HAPPY I AM MEETING HER AGAIN. I wish I had more time to talk to her like at SDCC but it was so crowded I can’t complain ^_^

Saturday, I suited up in my Lance Paladin armor from Voltron, along with my friends Riley and Dera as my Shiro and Keith. It was so much fun wearing a full suit of armor and since it was all foam, I wore it for a whole four hours before losing my stamina and changing into casual clothes for a nap, but I had a BLAST in the outfit.

While I slept, my buddies Nikita and Jessica did a sexy Torbjorn boudoir shoot and I’m so happy it exists.

After I woke from my slumber, I had a fab and adorable anniversary dinner with my boyfriend, after which we returned to the convention where we hung out with our DND friends until ungodly am. We had a BLAST, and many of us dressed as our characters cuz we NERDs. We also snag the entirety of the bohemian rhapsody perfectly and I’ve never been more proud of a group of people :3

After my impromptu hospital trip to mend my face and my return at 7am, I took a quick nap, woke up feeling surprisingly good despite having half a puffy swollen chipmunk face, and actually got into cosplay. We packed up the car and I met up with my fabulous Victor, Lizzy, and we took more fabulously savage ice prince pics. Most impressively, I could smirk in my pics thanks to my injury (lol) and ended up in max eros mode.

After a hella sleepy ride home, I hibernated for a few days and recovered from my face injury, and ta-dah~! Here I am~! Still so giddy over how that weekend was.

My friends are seriously the best and my boyfriend is also the best and Anjali Bhimani is the best and everyone I cosplayed with is the best and just I had such a good con and I love everyone and now I’m rambling so I think this is the end of this post???

Thanks for reading through my random brain thoughts! I hope ya’ll tune in for more of my random brain words! I’ll be sharing the awesome pics that I got from this convention very soon~


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