Rhinestoning at the Gaylord – Yuri on Ice Pairskate Outfit Writeup (and the title of my future mixtape)

Oh my goodness. I am so, so, so sorry for taking so long to post! With the craziness of Katsucon, con plague, PAX East, more con plague, and generally terrible health over the last couple months, I didn’t have the time or energy to write. However, in return, I bring you loves a complete costume write up! Presenting, Yuri on Ice Pair Skating, the insane we must be super matching version!

Lizzy and I were extra excited for this cosplay, and since we are both complete sewing nerds, we were super excited to coordinate every aspect of making the cos as well. After a couple shopping trips to NYC’s garment district, we had all the perfect matching supplies that we needed. Lizzy even scouted out the best get for the base of our costumes – ombre spandex blend stretch net in the exact colors for Victor and Yuuri’s jackets. The fabric is not as shiny or transparent as chiffon (which is likely the fabric that the costume designers had in mind) but it was so perfect and didn’t need to be dyed so it was definitely a winner. The fabric was found at Spandex House in NYC.

Our next mission was finding the perfect cording for the jacket closures and the left shoulder accents. We saw lots of options for cord, but we were both drawn to the super shiny and intricate silver chain that we ended up using. The shininess was definitely a factor when we chose the chain, along with how gorgeously it draped over our shoulders when we pretended to position it to help make our choices. At the same store as the chain, we also found little greeblie clasp-esque things to use as the circular anchors for the chains. The cool part? They had a part that could attach to the chain and also detach from the circle bit, so we could open and close the three chains on the front of the jacket!

Our last finding for the coses were actually two fold – firstly the rhinestones, which we did not skimp on (gotta be shiny~!), and secondly, some beaded silver trim for the braids that sat on the shoulders. The braided trim was super sparkly and much more elegant than the braided trim options (and there was even a set of the trims in gold, for those looking to make the solo Victor Stay Close to Me outfit!)

With all of our supplies gathered, we used a folder on google docs to store our reference pics and to trade progress pics in the hopes of achieving maximum matching-ness. Our very first step in maximum match land was the pants. Lizzy found a fabulous pattern for men’s skating pants by Jalie that we both used. The pattern was super easy to follow and simple as well, complete with easy to follow instructions on constructing a proper fly closure. The pattern comes with the option to include a pintuck on the front of the pants – we loved the added detail (um… obviously) so we were super gung ho to add the pintucks.

Next up was the shirt. Lizzy made hers by using a woven shirt that fit her well as the base pattern. I made mine by patterning a simple bodice front and back using instructions from Professor Pincushion. I typically don’t have to re-pattern things with my cosplays (if you recall, I mentioned my collection of pattern blocks previously during my Symmetra patterning experiences) but since this outfit called for a no titties format, I had to start from scratch. Luckily, once you vaguely know what you’re doing, you can whip up one of these blocks very quickly (mine took me less than an hour!). My sleeves were also patterned based off of a Professor Pincushion tutorial. I cheat my sleeves and make them symmetrical at the cap. Technically, the cap should be narrower at the front of the sleeve and wider at the back of the sleeve. One day, I’ll make them correctly (like Lizzy did), but this cosplay was not that time. After that, I used Simplicity 1727, a pattern for collars, to make a collar for my top. I made a silly decision though and used a base collar that was way too small, so my collar doesn’t stand out as much as it should. I am definitely going to upgrade my dinky collar before Lizzy and I wear these again at DragonCon!

The last step for finishing up the shirt technically took place the night before the con in Lizzy’s hotel room, formally known as “Rhinestoning at the Gaylord”, which will definitely be the title of my mixtape, if I ever make one. We had an embellishing party with her roommates and I popped my rhinestoning cherry and inhaled a disgusting amount of E6000 (kids, you should technically wear a respirator while working with this glue – it works miracles but the fumes are pretty bad for you). Despite the fact that I got less than four hours of sleep that night, the end results were gorgeous and definitely worth it! Nothing like rhinestones to make you feel like an ice skating prince.

For the jacket, I used the same pattern that I did for the shirt with a few changes. The top back of the jacket pattern was cut off on a diagonal to make the top panel, which was cut completely from the lighter section of the fabric. The back was cut in two pieces, both from the dark half of the fabric, with a few inches added to the center back of the pieces to accommodate a one inch box pleat. The front was cut so the ombre would span the top third of the jacket from the shoulders to below armpit height. One sleeve was cut from the light end of the fabric and another from the dark. The pieces for the body of the jacket were cut long until the jacket was fully assembled, and they were then cut for the hem, with the longest part at the center back, the hem going up slightly higher at the hip, and then angling down a bit further at the center front. All the seams were sewn with French seams, and the hems were all rolled hems. The center back of the jacket was left open approximately five inches at the bottom for the slit in the jacket.

The cuffs on the jacket were black velvet (interestingly enough, we actually used three different shades and textures of black fabric in this costume to get the correct contrasts in our cos!) I made the cuffs lazily and did not interface them, which made them annoying and floppy. I plan on going back and putting some non-fusible interfacing in the cuffs to keep their shape. Why non fusible? For those of you velvet beginners, the heat required to fuse interfacing in place to the velvet is enough to damage the pile (aka the standing up fluffy bits of the fabric that makes velvet be velvet) and will either melt it (worst case) or make it flat (best case, still admittedly bad). So no fusible interfacing for velvet!

The black details on the front were added by applique, and the black fabric was sandwiched over the center edge of the jacket and sewn to the back as well to easily finish the edges. The applique designs were satin stitched into place.

The silver shoulder applique and the circular mounts for the chains were all glued on with E6000 (and done the night before the con, oops!) I plan to go through and add some stitching to secure the shoulder appliques in place before DragonCon, just to ensure I have room for maximum movement. The chains were cut to length using wire cutters and secured to the circular greeblies by small silver jump rings.

For the gloves, I used the Yaya Han McCall’s Costumes pattern M7379, and sliced off the section for the four fingers. Lizzy was legit and patterned hers from scratch, but I ain’t got no time (or patience) for that!

The shoes were bought on Amazon (obviously Lizzy and I got matching ones) in sizes bigger than our normal shoe size to account for men usually having bigger feet. I decided my shoe size based on an “average shoe size for a 5’3” man” google search. Very technical.

My wig, thankfully, required no styling. It was a Marty from Arda wigs in Natural Black, though I wish I had gone with the Black color. The Natural Black is a very beautiful color, but it is most definitely a very very very dark brown. As someone who actually has true, naturally jet black hair, I am amused by the naming and a tad annoyed that I fell in the trap, but the slight lightness of the wig is nothing a bit of sharpie coloring can’t fix (when I have the patience to do so, obviously).

Lastly, our costumes were completed by prop gold rings! We got them from a random jewelry store we found in NYC, and sadly we need to get another pair, since Lizzy lost hers and mine changed colors to silver (oops). But they served their ppurpose, and made everyone at the meetup gush “oh my god you guys got the RINGS too!!!”, so they lived a short but glorious life.

Are you planning on making ice skating cosplays based off of Yuri on Ice? If so, I’d love to see your progress! I love all of their outfits to pieces, even the tacky ones (Seung Gil, I’m looking at you). I just want everyone to make all of them (translation: I would make all of them but I definitely don’t have the time or budget to do so, and will therefore live vicariously through you loves).

Let me know what other posts you’d like to see from me in the future! Up next – my adventures in making a robot hand!


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