2016 in Review

2016 was weird for me to say the least. I made a few new cosplays, wore a few new purchased cosplays, but overall I felt the year was really disappointing. I don’t feel like I accomplished a lot, crafting wise, and I experienced body image issues for the first time in a while which threw me off. In this post, I wanted to review what I actually did manage to make, as it is an accomplishment no matter how small, the new cosplays I wore that were purchased, and my plans for 2017.

The first thing that I actually finished in 2016 was Bunny Suit Hanayo Koizumi from Love Live School Idol Project, and even this cosplay wasn’t fully finished. The bunny suit was made wholly of velvet, and the green jacket with tails was glorious, but I didn’t have time to make my cuffs, collar, or ears to be fully bunny mode. Thankfully, the ladies I cosplayed with at Katsucon are lovely and kind and they didn’t mind my slight inaccuracy.

Next on the list is my Tal Rasha Wizard from Diablo III. I am so, so, so angry with this costume and angry with myself on it. I think out of everything, the only things I like that I made are the mask, the sleeve, and the buttcape tails (but not the way that the tails are attached). The rest can be trashed for all I care. I was so behind on this project that my friends made me a wand in the hotel room. And it was better than the work I did.

Honestly, I was seriously depressed while I was working on this and procrastinated most of it. And I only ended up wearing it for a hot second to complete my Diablo III group at Katsucon because I was so unhappy with how it turned out. I will definitely revisit this costume and make it up to standards – I have to. I was so angry and disappointed with myself because of this project that I wasn’t able to make anything new until the summer, which didn’t help with the disappointment. I felt like I let my friends down, and that is why I’m putting so much work into my Symmetra cos this year – that same group of friends is lovely and they want to cosplay with me again despite my heck ups, and I love them eternally for that. And that is also why this year I am determined to not let them down.

I got some happies back from wearing a good and completed cos during Sakura Matsuri even though I didn’t make the outfit. Seven Lucky Gods Maki was seriously fun because I had a fun group of girls joining me as some of the other members of µ’s. I also wore a fun little mashup outfit of Jounin Nami for a Naruto vs. One Piece party, which was a lot of fun.

I didn’t make any new outfits for AnimeNEXT but I wore some closet cosplays and a few I bought. I had a cute casual outfit of Kotori from Love Live for party nights, and wore Navy Maki most of the day. My genderbent Nick Wilde was fun to wear for a shoot on Sunday. Unfortunately, around this time I gained ten pounds and it all went to my tummy so I got really insecure when I got photos back and realized I had pudge.

Thankfully I got my shit slightly together in time for SDCC and managed to pull together passable Game of Thrones outfits for my dad and I. Fun fact – my dad’s name is Ned so I dressed him as Ned Stark while I rocked Arya. I only finished a vest for my dad and Arya’s top for myself, but it was something so it counts in my mind.

I also made a cosplay based wholly on fanart, this one of a fun crossover of Storm X-Men and Rainbow Brite. “Stormy” was super fun to make and had lots of crazy colors. I meant to add trim to it but sadly never got around to do so, but I’m actually proud of how this turned out. It looks striking and it was fun getting to experiment with wearing a bald cap for the first time in my life.

I ended up dropping a lot of my cosplans for DragonCon because I was stressing out way too much, but honestly I’m glad I did because I enjoyed myself a lot at the con despite my not quite finished new cos. I dressed as Blanche from Pokemon Go, and I have to fix up the jacket a lot but I’m pretty happy with it. I also have to actually make the rest of the costume (I only had the jacket and painted the shoes).

Bunny Hutch was super fun though because I wore my velvet bunny suit I made for Katsucon and threw on a red wig with my Happy backpack to be Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail. I also made a bunch of awesome new friends that night, which was a blast!

Weirdly, the outfit I am most proud of this year was actually mostly a closet cosplay. With the exception of the visor, which I bought off of Etsy, and the head armor ish things, which I made in the hotel room at NYCC with the help of the lovely Kid Yesterday Cosplay, my original concept of Dancer Symmetra was just clothes I already owned – i.e. a sari.

This cosplay was just a lot of fun to wear, and the other Overwatch fans were just so sweet and fun to hang out with that it made my day a blast. And, as the only Symmetra there, I got invited to hang out with a bunch of different groups of people which was a blast! A few Indian people even spoke to me at the con, saying how excited they were to see someone cosplaying Symmetra. Honestly I love her character so much, and having my casual interpretation of her so wonderfully received made my day, and, to be fair, made my year.

The last thing I made in 2016 was the Laslow commission I did for one of my friends. She needs some touch ups though so we shall be revisiting it in 2017!

2016 was a year of incompletes and failures. This year, I really want to make pieces that I am proud of and comfortable in. Thankfully, I think I’ve gotten a good start on it so far.


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