Blizzard Calls Me Out (Year of the Rooster Event and Brocade Symmetra)

Overwatch’s Year of the Rooster event dropped on Tuesday this week and as is my normal pattern, I dove back into playing with a vengeance (vs previously ignoring the game for a couple weeks while being lazy). Capture the flag mode is super fun to play and I love microwaving people who try to steal my flag as Symmetra 😀

I swear though, Blizzard is calling me out with Symmetra’s new skin. It. Is. All. Brocade. First they create a character with my face and ethnicity, then make her a dancer like me, and then they dress her in brocade!!! It’s like they want me to cosplay this version of her as well???

I’ll probably be making it for PAX, let’s be honest. Sobs. And since I have all my patterns made for Katsucon, I’ll have no excuse to stop me from just making another outfit, especially since it’ll use the same pattern.

The only thing that annoys me is that Symmetra still hasn’t gotten other legendary skins. Like admittedly the Vampire skin was cool and so is the new Qipao skin, but come on, where is out Symmetra-in-a-sari skin?  Where is our traditional Bharathanatyam dancer Symmetra skin? (speaking of that, check out this AMAZING art for a Bharathanatyam Dancer Symmetra Legendary Skin – I actually own a dance outfit just like this, though in a different color scheme, and I might whip it out again to cosplay fancy dancy Symm vs. my casual Sari Dance Symm). To the artist who made this skin – I definteily would love to cosplay it, or maybe commission art based off of my classical dance outfit for a matching Arangetram* skin.

*The skin that artist nisat on DeviantArt designed for Symmetra is titled “Rangapravesam”, which is a term for an Indian dancer’s debut performance. Since Legendary skins typically come in matching pairs with different color schemes, a good corresponding skin for Rangapravesam would be titled “Arangetram”, which is the term for an Indian dancer’s “graduation dance”. Essentially, it is the first dance performance that a classical Indian dancer does after concluding their dance studies. From this dance onwards, the student becomes a full dancer in their own right and can continue to perform or take on students of their own.

Just. Blizzard please give us another legendary skin for Symmetra. And I’ll cosplay it too probably. Because the Goddess skins are pretty but predictable for an Indian character and traditional Indian dance garb deserves some love.


I love Symmetra and brocade and gonna cos more Symm, someone send help


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