Fabric Organization and New Knit Bodice Block

This week I officially started the process of organizing my monstrously gigantic fabric collection. I had technically started back in June (if you consider “dumping a majority of the fabric inside my home in a room in my basement” as a start) but on back in December, we got some strong people to move my dresser from my apartment to the basement, so all excuses I had for not organizing my fabric evaporated.

Basically this is my plan – measure the dimensions of all of my fabric, roll it up neatly, and label it with the size. Ta-dah~! Complete with handy cute fabric wrapping labels from justsomethingimade.com, I tackled the project. As of now (aka Monday, 1/23, at the beginning of my writing this post) I have folded not very much of my fabric at all (approximately 10 pieces of fabric have been sorted, which amounts to not even a dent in my collection, oops).

Like I mentioned in my last post, I’m also working on remaking all of my pattern blocks. The process has been super slow though since I don’t quite feel like patterning (as much as I’m good at it, I find it very tedious to do). Also, part of making accurate and useful pattern blocks is making mockups, and honestly I have way too much fabric everywhere to even figure out which fabrics I can use as muslin. But I decided to suck it up and work on my knit bodice block, and to make one with princess seams as well so I could pattern my Symmetra dress off of it.

As with all my projects, I started this one off by staring at my supplies for a while, watching lots of House, staring at my supplies some more, unrolling my pattern paper and finding a pencil and a ruler, watching some Voltron and Supergirl, and then finally switching over to Professor Pincushion. I seriously love all of their resources. They have a fantastic collection of free tutorials that are informative for both beginner sewers and veterans. And, for a measly $5/month, you can access all of their pattern making courses, which are insanely helpful and very easy to follow no matter how unskilled you are with patterns.

The idea of making a pattern from scratch seems very daunting, but Professor Pincushion makes it easy to learn and apply. Their videos are what I use to make all of my pattern blocks, both for myself and for commissions. No more commercial patterns for me unless I feel like making exactly what the pattern shows (obviously, as a true sewing supply hoarder, this does not deter me in the slightest from picking up new premade patterns anyway).


Also, since I’m a genuinely crazy person, I decided I was going to do the very very very long way. i.e. the way that gives me the most types of pattern blocks by the end. Aka first I make a regular knit top block, then a princess seamed knit top block, and then finally I use that to make a Symmetra dress pattern. Hurray for lots of extra work!

But this is just about the knit bodice block so we’re gonna ignore the Symmetra stuff for a bit (though that is the purpose of doing this). Basically I just wanted to dump a bunch of pics on my completed knit bodice block here so I could feel productive. Aka check out my fab sleeveless t-shirt 😀 Thanks for letting me do that loves~


If you have any questions about how exactly I did this, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments! J



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