Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men (Iron Wig Round 1 and Not Giving Up)

Hurray for round one of Iron Wig! I barely finished my entry in time to be honest, especially since I was out of the country for the first week of the competition. This round, we received an Arda Le Tigre in Dark Ash Blonde and long wefts – mine were purple (each contestant got a different color).

I struggled a lot with inspiration for this round of Iron Wig, mostly because the two colors I got didn’t quite make sense together. Like red and green, purple and yellow (blond) didn’t quite click in my mind for anything together unless it was as ridiculous as a Christmas tree. I considered doing a lot of abstract things, but literally every idea my mind came up with required more purple than blonde, which was a bit difficult considering how I had a wig full of blonde and only a long weft’s worth of purple.

Since I was in China when the challenge started, I was originally inspired by the mountains in Guilin and really, really, really wanted to do a wig based on them. However, since we couldn’t dye the fibers for this round of the challenge, I was really struggling with how to bring the natural scenery to life with two very not natural colors (except for flowers). While I definitely want to do a mountain inspired wig in the future, this round was not the place for it.

At some point, I literally started googling “purple and yellow inspiration” in hopes that something would turn up. I really wish this wasn’t the case but I cried into endless piles of stock images in the hopes that something would come up that made sense in my mind, that would give me an “AHA!” moment of inspiration, but to no avail.

Inspiration struck in the form of Disney and I wanted to make a Tamatoa themed wig (based off of glam rock and David Bowie as well, which were Lin Manuel’s inspiration for composing Tamatoa’s song “Shiny”) but the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray, as mine did. Gloriously.

Between my vacation, work, and my lack of inspiration, I couldn’t execute. I ended up horribly upset (crying on my mom level upset) and just done with everything. I wanted to make something huge and amazing and I couldn’t do it and I was upset and embarrassed.

I was seconds away from giving up when it hit me – just make *something*. I was so upset that I couldn’t execute my big impressive plan that I freaked out and wanted to give up. But why should I do that? If I could make something, even something simple, that I was proud of, that’s what mattered.

I ended up chopping most of the wefts off of my Le Tigre and styling it into a simple asymmetric bob. I strategically wefted in the purple to peek through the blonde and finished it off with a fishtail braided crown. Honestly, not a very difficult styling job that I did, but drastically cutting wigs always freaked me out, so hurray for actually doing that for a change.

As expected the other contestants will come up with some truly amazing things. I was really excited to see what they did with these materials, their creations were truly awe inspiring! If you loves have time, you should definitely check out Arda Wigs Iron Wig Contest and vote for your favourite entry – like I said, there is some crazy amazing stuff entered.

Yes, I do wish I could have pulled off my crazy big idea, but I really do need to take a step back and make sure I’m not overextending myself. My entry was very lackluster compared to the rest, but it is pretty so that makes me happy. And honestly, I’m just happy I didn’t give up.

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