Fabric Organization and Iron Wig Contestant

This week I officially started the process of organizing my monstrously gigantic fabric collection. I had technically started back in June (if you consider “dumping a majority of the fabric inside my home in a room in my basement” as a start) but on Saturday we got some strong people to move my dresser from my apartment to the basement, so all excuses I had for not organizing my fabric evaporated.

Basically this is my plan – measure the dimensions of all of my fabric, roll it up neatly, and label it with the size. Ta-dah~! Complete with handy cute fabric wrapping labels from justsomethingimade.com, I tackled the project. As of now I have folded not very much of my fabric at all (approximately 10 pieces of fabric have been sorted, which amounts to not even a dent in my collection, oops).

And on another note, I HAVE SERIOUSLY AWESOME NEWS because I have been chosen as a competitor for Arda Wig’s 2017 Iron Wig Competition ^_^ I’m seriously psyched to be chosen, and also seriously nervous because the competition is FIERCE.

But in all seriousness, I’m thrilled to take a part of this. Not only is it awesome cause they think my portfolio is nice enough to deserve a spot, but it’s also awesome because I now have something to keep me motivated and active through the New Year.

Since most of my projects are just for me, I usually don’t have any solid sort of motivation to keep myself going, besides my own disappointment. Now, with this competition, and the fact that I told my mom that I’m in it, I’ve got something to force myself to keep going.

And the best part of this?

I get to do crazy stuff with wigs and hopefully learn more shit. And theoretically FINALLY dye a wig and get over my fear of dying stuff~

I’m seriously psyched. What kind of wigs would you guys like me to whip up? Any specific skills you’d like to see that I could make tutorials based on? Let me know what you guys are hoping to see, and let me know what you think of the competition!


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