Commission WriteUp – Laslow from Fire Emblem: Fates!

Another commission complete! Though not received yet because of USPS (don’t even get me started on the ridiculousness that is the horrific service of express delivery. guaranteed delivery like hell). But I am excited to share info on how I made everything with you loves!

It was funny to me that when I posted a pic of the tunic, super close up, that my instagram folks thought it was for Severa ^_^ Although, I’m not sure if I specified if it wasn’t for me, since most of my babes know that I’m planning an Effie cosplay ^_^

The most time consuming part of this project was definitely quilting all the fabric. But that comes a bit later, mostly because first up is the patterning! I don’t have any pictures of this, but I flat patterned the pants, shirt, and sleeves from scratch! You need lots of measurements to do it, but the end result is fantastically accurate. I actually have custom pattern blocks for myself, which makes it super easy to start a new project, though I recently gained weight so I have to remake all of them sadly D:

But back to Laslow! Once I had my patterns made, I began the tedious process of the quilting. First up was measuring out the quilt patterns for the sleeves and tunic and doing some math to figure out how big I wanted each section to be. I actually quilted the collar first, and completely by eye. Some of the lines ended up not quite perfect, but since its the collar I considered it acceptable. Also, I couldn’t draw the lines on the inside of the collar, since it would still be visible.


Next, I went through with my handy dandy giant quilting ruler and drew the pattern onto the lining piece of every section with quilting designs. Then, I made a fabric sandwich of lining/batting/fashion fabric with the lining facing me and pinned it all together in between the lines. Then I shoved everything into my sewing machine and painstakingly sewed over the lines. When you’re quilting something, make sure you always sew in the same direction. That way, if the fabric shifts while you sew, everything will shift in the same direction and not make any unsightly ripples.


After a few hours of boring straight lines, I was done~! I made sure I had backstitched at the end of every line (because the last thing I wanted was for any of my painstaking quilting for coming out).


Then I quickly sewed the pants together (super straightforward, tbh), and added a side zipper and a waistband.


And hemmed everything, obviously. Otherwise that would be a problem. All edges were zigzag stitched to minimize fraying.

Second to last, I sewed together a little shoulder pad out of pleather! 😀 It was quick and dirty and it was rude and kept sticking to my sewing machine because I didn’t use my walking foot (oops, but in my defense I can’t remember which bag I stored it in…).


Last up was the little worbla greeblies – namely the stars on the tunic and the collar brooch thing. They were all made with EVA foam with worbla on top that was wrapped slightly around to the back in order to keep it in place. The stars were carved out with my exacto knife very carefully, as I didn’t quite feel like whipping out my dremel.


Then, all the pieces were given a coat of gold paint, and then two shades of brown where realistic shadows should rest (aka on the bottom edges of all the pieces!). And complete! I glued them onto the tunic with some handy fabric glue (because I misplaced my E6000, and also didn’t want to use it in the stuffy basement).


But hurray~! Then everything was done 🙂 And boxed away to be sent to Giselle (though USPS is RUDE and it hasn’t gotten to her yet which is frustrating as heck…)

Next posts will probably be on my patterning adventures for Symmetra, or my Kajika wig progress! Let me know what ya’ll would like to see first 🙂


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