Attempting to Human – Cleaning, Pokemon Sun, Shopping, and Sales

So I’m finally trying to get back into the swing after moving home. After all, it’s been what… June to November… six months now? Basically, I’m cleaning this weekend. Hopefully I’ll have some fabulous pictures on Sunday of how pretty my newly cleaned room looks. Right now it’s a gross mess of piles of clothes. And I don’t even want to think about all of my stuff that I’ve stashed in my parents garage. Who knows what bugs have crawled into my armor O.o Thankfully, I’ve actually made some progress. I put away a load of laundry that has been clean for a couple weeks and put another load in the washing machine. I’m also finally donating my clothes that I’ve outgrown.


I got Pokemon Sun on the day it came out though and for a change I’m actually working on beating a game (woot). Usually I get distracted by all the side quests in a game until I get bored, but this time I’ve been forcing myself to finish the storyline instead of catching them all first. My team currently, at the start of the second island, is Brionne, Mudbray, Magnemite, Salandit, Snorlax and Toucanon. My aim is to acquire Bewear to replace Toucanon eventually. For now I’ll probably hatch some eggs in its place.


I also hope to start a real life Team Skull. My precious thugs are too pure for the world. I definitely still plan on cosplaying Big Sister Plumeria, even though that plan totally fell through for NYCC. Maybe she will happen for PAX East. She’d be a super comfy cosplay to rock, though it would definitely be a bit cold for her.


I’m also heavily debating cosplaying Kahuna Olivia. Girl is gorgeous. I mean, look at her flawlessness. I can’t wait to battle her. (speaking of battling her, in the time it’s taken me to write this entire post, I’ve gone from the beginning of the second island to beating the three captains, so Kahuna Olivia challenge approaching!)


I’ve also had an amazing shopping spree online. Hurray for fabric shopping without leaving my house! I purchased all of my supplies to make my Symmetra cosplay (minus dying materials, but that’s cuz I’m scared to dye fabric – basically I purchased fabric in the “science glow” color intending to gradient dye it up to “dress blue” color). But hurray cause this means I’ll be able to pattern her this week and sew her actually within the next two! Though I should probably take measurements and send them over to Spectra Marvelous Cosplay who’s amazing and making my arm and gun 😀


And lastly, outgrowing clothes! I put on ten pounds since moving back to my parents’ place, and this means that I don’t fit into most of my old cosplays anymore ^_^;;; Good news for you loves though! I’m selling a bunch of them (including my Nui Harime and my Castanic Mystic) on my Storenvy. You can use the code NEKOBLACKFRIDAY to get 20% off storewide (including my prints and crazy wig stash). Go crazy kids.

And hopefully, I’ll have a clean room victory post up soon, as well as final pretty pictures of the Laslow (Fire Emblem Fates) commission I’m finishing up this weekend for a lovely meme lady. Hurray for exciting progress!


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