Throwback Tuesday (on Saturday) – First Cosplay – Kurenai Yuhi (Naruto)


So wow. It’s insane to think about it, but I completed and wore my first cosplay over eight years ago at AnimeNEXT 2008. That’s so long ago that I reflexively started to type “2018” because hell the single-digit 2000’s were practically ancient history. Actual teenagers in existence today were born in those years. My mind is officially blown.

Back to the topic though. I recently read through the entirety of Yaya Han’s costume descriptions because I was bored during lunch at work. What I didn’t expect was how interesting and informative I would find her summaries of costume supplies and techniques (Did you know she cut ruffles from organza using a soldering iron on top of a baking pan to instantly create fray-free designs? Or that she makes her gold trim using gold neoprene – which is really difficult to find via google?). Ya’ll may have beef with Yaya for any of a bajillion reasons and that is a-okay, but you sure as heck should respect her costuming knowledge cause she has it in spades. And while I have no where as much knowledge, I think my heck-ups should at least help *someone* to not make the same ones ^_^;

And so here we are. Where I write descriptions a-la-Yaya about all of my cosplays, starting from the one that I only have one awkward side-view photo of when Tamaki gave my poor overwhelmed weeb self a flower at her first con (I thought I was in love, tbh).

So okay. Materials. I purchased the ninja headband on ebay, and chopped up a pair of flip flops and glued on blue stretch fabric for my ninja shoes. I found them again yesterday and I’m just amazed that they’re still in one piece??? I can’t remember what glue I used, but clearly I need to find it again.

As far as the dress, I used some super thick and un-breathable white knit fabric that was thankfully opaque and the literal thinnest red woven fabric I have ever seen. The net part at the center of her dress was from a pair of fishnets that I dissected from a Halloween costume.

Obviously, I messed up a lot. I made the dress too short and had to make awkward extensions on it, and the sleeve was too tiny and includes a hole in my armpit so I can move (because I literally couldn’t think of another solution). I also am pretty sure I jammed my sewing machine a bajillion times in the process. Not to mention I also made the black lines by just drawing them on. With sharpie. Dear lord.

Here is my most interesting part of this post – how would I make this cosplay now?

Firstly, a not death-inducing knit fabric. Definitely would use spandex this time around. TBH Spiderman knew his shit when he made that choice. The black lines would be appliqued on with black neoprene – positioned when the dress is on a dress form my size so it won’t heck up the stretch and stuff. Sleeve would be made of an actually solid fabric – probably a matching spandex because why would I unnecessarily torture myself by sewing stretch to woven? #notworth

As far as the shoes, I might as well keep the old ones. They’ve survived against all odds somehow xD And definitely not going to use my real hair again, I’d use a Matilda wig in Natural Black from Arda Wigs (because I absolutely adore those wigs).

Unfortunatley, my current Naruto cosplay desire is Sakura, so Kurenai won’t be making a reappearance anytime soon, but it’s nice to brainstorm and think about how you’d make stuff – I find it super good practice 🙂

Hope this was fun for you loves to read~ Hope to see you back here! Please leave your thoughts in the comments, it’ll help me improve this blog for all of you!tama_gives_me_a_flower_xd_by_magneriaasteridge


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