Making a Headdress for a Queen of Naboo

Hello darlings! After a hella long time, I finally bring you loves a blog post! And lo and behold, this one is in the form(ish) of a tutorial xD This wig is for Sabé from Star Wars. For most of you, y’all are probably thinking “… I don’t remember that character”. Not your fault! She’s from The Phantom Menace of a movie, and she’s Queen Amidala’s decoy. As you guys are probably aware, Queen Amidala has some crazy hairdoos, and her decoy’s hair is similarly crazy when she’s pretending to be the queen. Sabé (who, fun fact, is played by Keira Knightly) is Amidala’s decoy during the battle of Naboo, and her hairstyle is a little weird to look at but alltogther rather simple to recreate! So lets get down to business (to defeat the wigs)!

Sabé0 reference

FYI for all of you babes who have seen tutorials from me in the past, this one and all future ones will be much more informal. They’ll be way more blog-like, as in “this is pretty much what I did and hopefully that can give you some insight on what does and doesn’t work”.

So without further ado, so begins my saga of blog posts! And again, to start it off, a fabulous wig~!

All wig materials to make this wig were provided for me by Arda Wigs as a part of their Winter 2016 Sponsorship.

My very first step when creating oversized wigs is to make a pattern. I patterned on cardstock since it would imitate the structure of the cardboard that would eventually take its place. I created a shape to approximate the structure of the hairpiece, while continuing to measure it against my head. When I got the shape I wanted for one side, I duplicated it and glued it together to create the full shape. After that, I transferred it to cardboard and carefully cut it out with an exacto knife.

Sabé1 base pattern

The next step was to cover the cardboard base with expanding spray foam. I used Great Stuff Filler Foam from Home Depot, which proved to be far superior to the other stuff that I used for Nui’s wig. 10/10 do recommend. I sprayed the front, let it cure until solid to the touch (approx 15 mins), and then flipped it to spray the back. Once it had completely cured – test curing by using the baking test: aka stick something sharp (like your box cutter) into the foam and if you pull it out without any foam residue sticking to it, you’re done! – I used my box cutter to carve it down to size, using the cardboard base as a reference and frequently balancing it on top of my head to make sure the shape still made sense.

I obviously forgot to take pics of most of this, so moving on…

The next step was to cover the “humps” that don’t get hair on them with fabric.

Sabé2 carved + half fabric

After that I balanced it on my head again like a fool cuz I was excited :3

Sabé3 on me head

I covered the other humps on both sides with the fabric. This was done with hot glue and patience, pulling the fabric around the humps on the bias so I could get a little bit of give in the fabric to lay smooth. Any parts that refused to cooperate were unceremoniously hot glued down with vengeance.

Sabé4 fabric covered

The next step was painting all of the areas that would be covered with brown hair a corresponding brown. This would ensure that I didn’t need to use an excessive amount of hair to get adequate coverage (as I learned with Nui). Most wefts are rather transparent, and even if they aren’t, it takes a LOT of patience to keep it smooth.

Sabé5 brown painted

Again, I joyfully balanced it on my head to get a picture of where it naturally wanted to sit. Also because it made me feel accomplished.

Sabé6 painted and balanced on head

After the headpiece was painted, I began to shape the helmet portion. I cut a piece of double sided worbla in a half circle of the approximate size with a tab on the back the size of the foam middle of the hairpiece and shaped it on a foam wig head (so I wouldn’t burn my head or get it stuck to my hair). I was careful to not let the heat from the heat gun hit the wig head, or it would burn the styrofoam. After I got the desired shape, I glued a long piece of elastic on the bottom corners of the helmet to hold it to my head, in a headband-esque fashion. I then tried it on and positioned the foam part to see how it would hold.

Sabé7 headdress shaping

I shaped the top lip of the helmet around the remaining foam of the headpiece to secure it into place.

Sabé8 headdress shaped

I then violently pulled the two apart and proceeded to decorate the helmet with thin strips of double stranded worbla.

Sabé9 headdress decoration

I then tried on the decorated helmet with the hairpiece. And derped. Obvi.

Sabé10 put it all together and derp

And this is the part where I’m a horrible person and forgot to take all piectures of me covering the hairpiece with hair and painting the helmet gold.

Essentially what happened was almost exactly what I did with my Nui wig – I used hot glue to glue a small weft of hair down at the bottom portion of the wig. I then wrapped the piece of hair around and around and around until I ran out of hair, and then I secured the flyaways with tacky glue and hairspray. I tried to use as little glue as possible on the wig to make the hair have a little more volume as she seems to have in the picture. The end result was still rather sleek.

Finally, I donned a brown ponytail wig and rocked my new headdress.  Don’t mind the grumpy pic, it was morning, I was late, and I had to deal with people while I was hungover.  But after that I got to run around central park with Cozpho Photography which was an AWESOME time.  I’m looking forward to adding more details to this to truly make it queenly.  For now, check out the awesome pics that I got with Cozpho Photography of this costume ^_^

Sabé11 why yes i forgot some wip pics

I hope this was informative and enjoyable for you loves! Let me know what type of content you would like to see on this blog ^_^ (or I’ll continue doing my own merry thing and tracking my work!).

The following photos were all taken and edited by Cozpho Photography in Central Park.

IMG_1717 copyIMG_1730 copyIMG_1739 copyIMG_1743 copyIMG_1744 copyIMG_1812 copyIMG_1842 copyIMG_1847 copyIMG_1862 copyIMG_1873 copyIMG_1897 copyIMG_1907 copy



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